Would you rather invest with someone who is creditworthy or trustworthy? An Ai Rating enables insurance companies, pension funds and endowment funds to select the most credible asset managers and unit trusts as a consequence of its fiduciary rating.

What is an Ai Rating?
An Ai Rating is Africa investor's measure of fiduciary risk, which probes the inner workings of businesses that manage other people’s money. We assesses the quality of management and the systems management put in place to measure the capability of the firm to meet its fiduciary obligations. We quantify how trustworthy that business is and compare it to local and international competitors. An Ai Rating empowers owners of capital, such as sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, endowment funds and insurance companies, in their dealings with fund managers to ensure they receive the service that they and their trustees have the right to expect.

Leveraging Africa investor’s vast network of investors, visibility and acceptance, Ai Ratings, as a tool to assess trustworthiness, is unparalleled.

Ratings Services:
• Fiduciary ratings for asset managers
• Fiduciary certification of pension funds
• Fiduciary ratings for custodians and stock brokers
• Country mapping and corporate ratings
• Fiduciary ratings training and seminars

A World Class Team:
Ai Ratings analysts and researchers bring together decades of ratings and research experience. The team is led by Robert Pouliot, who is responsible for directing Ai Ratings’ operations. Robert is the co-founder of the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX). Robert established the first bank credit rating agency in emerging markets, which developed across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Central Europe, and which now follows some 350 banks.

Contact us:
Robert Pouliot, Ai Ratings
Tel: +27 (0) 11 783 2431



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